Spirali is a cultural publishing house. Founded on 5 February 1973 in Milan , year by year it has established a specific and unique catalogue. It has 8000 copyrights, as well as a vast archive of audio, video and photographic material concerning science, art and culture. This material has been produced and collected in various countries over almost forty years. The publishing house also has a museum, the Spirali Museum, which collects portraits of the authors by great Italian and international artists.


The Second Renaissance

The group The Second Renaissance, founded in 1973, responds to a cultural, artistic and intellectual demand that became evident on the threshold of the third millennium. Its mission is to provide the tools that each person can make use of for producing, writing, publishing, art, research, training, invention. The group integrates international and cross-sector aspects in science, culture, art. It produces, distributes, promotes and sells editorial and artistic, scientific and cultural products, as well as services and consultancy.