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Villa San Carlo Borromeo


The graceful statues of the Russian artist enhance the splendour of the halls and interiors of Villa San Carlo Borromeo

Villa San Carlo Borromeo is an enchanting, fourteenth-century palace set in the heart of a vast historic park, a few kilometres from Milan. A favourite stopping-place of internationally known artists, entrepreneurs and intellectuals throughout history, it offers its guests a truly inspiring stay.

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St. Charles Borromeo


San Carlo Borromeo, 1993, cm 21,5x31,5At the beginning of the Nineties... Anikushin returned to Italy, where he had been in 1956 and 1964. He executed the work St. Charles Borromeo, a bronze of 1993. Here, in a graphic rendering, shrouded in restrained solemnity, he treats the figure of the Saint without emphasis, in the “motto” of that humility particular to the Borromeos. Michail structures his approach to the Saint of Arona (the town where the great statue of Charles is exhibited), second son of Gilberto and Margherita de' Medici, in a maniple of drawings and watercolours, gemmated from the captive image of Charles. Essential, with a prominent endoskeleton of signs, they insist on the mobility of the body being reduced to a spiritual and intellectual propulsion: a lay approach, a semblance in which the primordial gesture, that original sensitivity towards perceiving God, transpires.

Aldo Gerbino, from the art book Benvenuto Cellini, Michail K. Anikushin

Figure, 1993, 21.5x31.5 cm
Figure, 1993, watercolour on paper
Figure, 1993, Indian ink on paper, 22.5x32 cm
Figure, 1993, Indian ink on paper, 28.5x43.5 cm
Figure, 1993, pencil on paper, 21.5x31.5 cm
Figure, 1993, pencil on paper, 21x31 cm
Figure, 1993, pencil on paper, 21.5x31.5 cm
Portrait, 1993, pencil on paper, 21x31 cm